Purchase of scrap

KALITA.gold buys precious metal scrap – gold (Au), silver (Ag), platinum (Pt) and palladium (Pd).

The purchasing is carried out in our store in Prague, Czech Republic, or by sending scrap to our address.

In case you decide to sell us scrap, please write to our e-mail or call the phone number on our website to agree on the date, time and conditions for the purchase.

The purchasing price for scrap depends on the world market pricing for precious metals and changes upon the change in market quotations.

Below, you can see indicative prices for the purchase of 1 gram of precious metal scrap of various assays:

Au 999 68.06
Au 900 61.25
Au 916 62.61
Au 986 67.38
Au 720 48.49
Au 585 41.83
Ag 999 0.69
Ag 960 0.62
Ag 940 0.61
Ag 860 0.56